Why it’s okay to stab your clients

Cavemen had the right idea about acquiring new business.

Way back in time, around the stone age, some bright young thing went after a wooly mammoth with a newfangled contraption called a spear.

Up to that point in time your average caveman was content with pounding his prey with rocks and sticks but clever caveman decided a sharp point at the end of a long stick was more effective at getting through the leathery hide of a savage beast.

The spear caught on and as time past and a few developments were made, namely the addition of ‘barbs’ to the back of the spear head.

The purpose of these barbs is to hold the spear in place once it’s broken through the tough exterior of the animal.

This exactly how a good sales and marketing strategy should work.

Start with a simple message, a single point that is well targeted and delivered to the right place at the right time to break the tough exterior; then keep pushing bit by bit until your barbs are in and you become very hard to get out.

You can try and hit a potential customer with everything you do all at the same time, but just like throwing rocks at them, you might get lucky occasionally but more often than not your message just bounces off and irritates.

So next time you are thinking about going after some new business why not try giving them a quick stab and see what happens.