We all remember the ginger kid at School

Copper Top, Duracell, Rusty. Whatever you called the ginger kid at your School I bet you still remember them now.

Ginger Kid PostStanding out is something we British seem to try hard to avoid. We embrace new fashions so we can all look the same and when it comes to our company brochures and our web sites, people always want it to look a bit like their competitors.

But why?

Standing out from the crowd is the easiest way to get remembered. If people can remember your company they are more likely to come to you when they need your product or services.

Seth Godin’s book ‘The Purple Cow’ is all about ways to stand out and the success enjoyed by those who ‘dared to be different’.


Take Apple for example. They could have played it safe and put their new computer in a beige box and called it the Apple TT1234 like everyone else was. But no, they gave you a choice of bright colours, made it look like a crash helmet and called it the iMac.

It’s safe to say that by being different, Apple caught the eye of the customer and turned the fortunes of the company around almost over night.

So next time you catch yourself looking at your competitors marketing and thinking ‘I wish mine looked like that’. Stop. Take a deep breath and think ‘how can I stand out?’.

And if anyone reading this is brave enough to do a brochure covered in Ginger hair, give me a call and I’ll make us both famous!