The 17 best business cards

1). Balloon Business Card. Here’s a card that isn’t actually a card. It’s a balloon. Obviously these won’t fit in a traditional card file but what a great idea and not too expansive either. Perfect if your business is expanding. (ha ha ha).

Balloon Business Card


2). Simple Business Card The best ideas are usually the simplest. I love this business card because it’s so, well, simple.

Architect Business Card


3). Handy Business Card A great way to get your business card kept is to make it useful. Look at this great idea, A business card and a bottle opener. Cheers.

Bottle Opener Business Card


4). Simple die-cut, Business Card #1 I love die cuts, which is ‘technical talk’ for cutting shapes out of business cards. This idea works so well with the name.

Die-Cut Business Card


4). Simple die-cut, Business Card #2 This is so simple and so pretty. Probably one of my favourite business cards of all time.

Die-Cut Business Card


5). Interlocking Business Cards Great for a partnership. I’ve seen this idea before where the business cards come together and make a ‘whole’.

Interlocking Business Card


6). Simple die-cut, Business Card #3 Quite obvious but still very effective business card design.

Die Cut Business Card


7). Embossed Business Card. So few people ’emboss’ any more. Probably because it’s quite costly to do, but the results can be fantastic (or should that be (fang-tastic)).

Embossed Business Card


8). Creative Business Card. How great an idea is that? Putting exactly what you do into the hands of a potential customer when you first meet them. Brilliant.

Exercise Business Card


9). Interactive Business Card. A similar idea to the personal trainer business card. I do lawns, here is a baby lawn.
Interactive Business Card


10). Creative Business Card idea #1. I love this card, simple but obvious. But I love it even more when you see the next business card….

Creative Business Card


11). Creative Business Card idea #2. Brilliant. Simply brilliant. I wonder which came first?

Creative Business Card


12). Match Box Business Card I imagine these will have been quite expensive to make as they have some hand finishing on them (the staples) but still, I bet people who get them remember the company.

Matchbox Business Card


13). Mini Me Business Card I’ve never been a fan of ‘photos’ on business cards. It’s a bit cheesy. However, a mini pop up model of the person. Now that is something.

Mini Me Business Card


14). Plastic Business Card Now these cards are expensive to produce but they last and last. Plus you can use them to de-ice your car in the morning.

Plastic Business Card


15). The ultimate recycled Business Card I saw this one and it made me laugh. Whet better business card for a second hand store than a second hand business card.

Recycled Business Card


16). SEO Business Card After you’ve spent thousands of pounds getting to number one on Google, why not brag about it?

SEO Business Card


17). The special offer Business Card So many people hand out business cards but I’ve never seen one with an incentive to buy attached to it before. What a great idea.

Voucher Business Card