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Case study: Explorer

Dramatic increase in brand awareness.

Explorer are now known as one of the UK's leading Oracle service providers.

Find out how we did it.

The Brief

Explorer were one of the UK’s best kept secrets, a team of highly skilled Oracle developers and project managers with over 20 years industry experience but only really known by their existing customers. Their brief to us was very simple - make the phone ring.

Challenge accepted.


Brand Repositioning

The first job was to help Explorer see their services through the eyes of their clients and position themselves as problem solvers.

Segmenting their customers gave them a better idea of the different requirements each stakeholder group had of their services and allowed for more focussed communication.


Revisit the brand style

The next stage was a total rebrand and simplification of how they presented the services they offered. Everything was condensed down and split into three main areas, Solve, Develop and Support.

idea behind the logo design

The new logo is a stylised version of the diagram for a database - their stock and trade device.

Raising awareness

With the brand and branding addressed, it was then time to take Explorer to their potential customers.

A series of new websites allowed for clear communication of their core business areas.


Finding their audience

Explorer bought into the digital brand building concept and now produce one of the UK’s most popular Oracle blogs.

With an ever increasing and highly engaged online audience of Oracle users Explorer began regularly attending Oracle related events - often in a speaking capacity to further cement their credentials as a UK authority.

page one results from Digital marketing

Attracting new customers


A combination of Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Activity and Digital Advertising dramatically increased site traffic.

Our Site Visitor ID Software then allowed their sales team to contact 'lukewarm leads' who were visiting the site during their early buying stages.

The Results

Explorer now have an enviably large and dedicated online audience evidenced by an increase in brand name searches since the project began.

Recently their efforts have brought them closer to the attentions of Oracle themselves who now regularly recommend Explorer as one of the UK’s best Oracle partner companies, not bad for 2 years work.

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