Case study: Ensign Care

Signed up 18 NHS Trusts
in the first 6 months.

When you correctly align your brand with the needs
of your audience, anything is possible.

The Brief

Ensign Care came to us for a rebrand triggered by negative feedback about
how they presented themselves from some of their potential customers.


Understanding the Audience

The first job was to identify the key stakeholders and understand how Dementia affects them all. This process was both fascinating and upsetting at the same time and completely drove the direction we felt the brand should take.


Aligning the Brand message

‘Here for Dementia’ was the perfect message for the brand as it resonated with all the stakeholders and explains with absolute precision exactly what Ensign do. Everything Ensign now does is based around supporting everyone affected by Dementia, this core mission gives the brand a real sense of purpose and direction which the entire company can get behind and feel good about.



Supporting the Sales process

We believe your Brand is a key element of your sales process and should be delivered to support new business acquisition. We worked closely with Ensign to understand the challenges they faced when trying to generate new business and made suggestions for various marketing tools to support the new business process.

Did it work? Checkout the results below.


The Results

Prior to the re-brand Ensign had been working in two NHS trust for the previous two years. In the six months leading up to Christmas Ensign successfully secured an additional 18 NHS Trusts to deliver their services to, and gained a great looking brand with a fantastic story still to roll out over the coming years.

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