Case study: AGENDA 1

50% conversion rate for
new business enquiries.

Proof that combining creativity with research really works.

The Brief

Agenda 1 came to us for help in generating new business for their company, although they had recently had a rebrand with another agency, it hadn’t resulted in any increase in sales.


Define a plan

The Chemical Testing industry is based predominantly in and around London, so getting noticed when you operate out of Bradford is a challenge in itself, on top of that, the decision makers are notoriously elusive making new business hard to conduct.

We worked with their in-house marketing team to devise a plan to identify the top 100 prospects and gather information about the projects they were currently working on.


Create something that gets noticed

We created a highly personalised ‘science kit’ containing a simple experiment to demonstrate ‘ease of propulsion’ which we felt perfectly communicated Agenda1’s ability to make projects run smoothly with minimum effort.



Use digital marketing creatively

Part of the mailing pack was a unique website link to a personalised digital tour of the facility. This allowed Agenda1 to show off their outstanding facility to potential clients without them having to leave their desk.


The Results

The packs generated an 80% click through rate to view the digital tour and a
staggering 50% of recipients requesting meetings to discuss future projects.

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