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It all started with some simple ideas back in 2001

1. Create an agency that delivers results; it's all the clients really want.
2. Never become ‘yes men’. If we know it won’t work, we won't do it.
3. Work 'with' clients, not 'for' clients—it's far more efficient.
4. Don’t take the p*** on pricing.
5. Always tell the client what’s going on.
6. Enjoy our work. It’s a big chunk of our life.

We now boast a small but very skilful team...

Tim Chorlton, Brand and Marketing Strategy

Tim Chorlton


Tim has more years experience than he cares to mention these days, he combines creative with strategy to deliver solutions that generate genuine results.

Likes: Travelling, Wild Camping and Whiskey

Dislikes: Tripe

Customer success manager

Laura Moore


Laura knows what you need. With a wealth of experience in sales and client management she knows exactly what our clients need, usually before they do. 

Likes: Wine, chocolate and banter

Dislikes: Rudeness, being late and Brussel Sprouts

marketing strategy

Levi Charlwood


Levi is The Factory's engine. She keeps the wheels from coming off and makes sure we all know exactly what we're trying to achieve.

Likes: Dogs (but not the 6am walks) and reviews

Dislikes: Tom Cruise, being cold and driving in the snow

head of design

Lee Brook


Lee brings everything to life. He's the creative mind behind our amazing creations. Always taking time and care to get things right.

Likes: Playing football, cooking and Spanish Tapas

Dislikes: Polenta

Dylan Llwellyn

Dylan Llewellyn


Dylan puts the words to the pictures. Making sure our clients always like the sound of their own voice and that they are heard.

Likes: Spotify

Dislikes: Fearne Cotton, Bananas and the word 'moist'

Kristian Tosney

Kristian Tosney


Kristian lives for a challenge. So, whether it's putting our designs or himself to the test, he couldn't be happier than when he's pushing everything to its limit.

Likes: MMA, Pictures and Playstation

Dislikes: Mushrooms

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