Marketing inspiration #5 – If you want to increase sales… need to think like a Starfish.

Starfish have been around for quite some time now and they know a thing or two. In fact, they know a thing or five.


To stop them getting washed out to sea and lost forever from their other little Starfish buddies they have evolved five sticky legs to keep them firmly on the ground. These five quality points of contact allow them to feast from the sea bed, even when the tide turns and less secured creatures are being bashed about in the coral.


This five quality points of contact is something you should seriously consider for your business as time after time it’s proven to increase sales for companies the world over.


It’s difficult to stay in touch with current customers at the best of times – to start cold calling new business as well is highly demanding and for those of you who don’t have a dedicated new business team, you need to consider an alternative to help you grow your business.


Five quality points of contact, done correctly, will keep your business bubbling around in the forefront of your potential customers mind. By spreading those five points of contact out over a 12 month period you are greatly improving your chances of your message being delivered ‘right time, right place’ and getting that all important opportunity to quote.


An example five point strategy might be….


December/January: Desktop Calendar sent out with covering letter – great way of staying in front of a customer for an entire 12 months


February: Chocolate for Valentines Day – we send out Rolo’s once a year to customers and invite none customer to sign up for emails from us in return for a pack as well. They are always well received.


March/April: Newsletter – this is a time of year when many people have their end of year and are planning for the next 12 months so getting the opportunity to quote is often a bit easier.


July/August: Brochure and covering letter – many industries find summer a quite time so you’re more likely to get your brochure read rather than filed under ‘B’ for bin.


October/November: Special offer – Typically industries tend to pick up speed again as Christmas approaches. Having a good offer in place can often help you get a foot in the door at a time when people are thinking of buying.


So – time for your homework class. What five quality points of contact are you going to employ to stay in touch with the leads in your database?