Marketing Inspiration #4 – No one cares what you do

I hate to be the person who pops your ego bubble but nobody cares what you do. Honestly. No one.

This seems to be one of the most commonly overlooked facts when people start to market their businesses.

Companies’ websites are rammed with information about what they do and facts and figures about the products they sell and it’s all a waste of time and money because nobody cares.

Now it might sound like I’m suffering from a little disparity but bear with me.

Let’s use a drill as an example.

How many people do you think wake up in the morning thinking ‘today is a great day to buy a drill’? I’ll tell you. None.

People wake up needing to put up shelves or build a fence. They don’t want a drill, they want the holes the drill makes for them.

What I’m essentially describing here is ‘Features’ and ‘Benefits’.

Features are the dull, specification of a product whereas benefits are exciting or useful or essential to a more fulfilling life!

Features are important, you need them to compare ‘apples with apples’ when you are deciding to make a purchase but it’s the benefits that will have helped you narrow down your choices from the bewildering array of options available to you.

Let’s stick with the drill for a minute more. Which would you most likely want in your hand when putting up some shelves?

Drill A – 3.3kg, 2 x 12v power packs 10+1 torque settings.


Drill B – light weight cordless drill with 11 power settings to tackle all your DIY tasks around the house.

So, time for some homework class. Have a read through your company brochure or website and take a look at what you are saying. Is it an exciting read that makes the hair on the back of your arm stand up or is it simply just a list of features strung together with some other words?