Barratts put the right foot forward when e-marketing

Shoe retailers Barratts have increased their email conversion rates with sales from emails accounting now for 10% of the companies online sales. So how have they done it? Barratts have invested in segmenting their client base and gathering data on individual customers rather than ‘mass marketing’.

The rise has come from understanding the needs of the individual, a daunting challenge for a large company to undertake as it requires a structured collation of facts and figures so sense can be made of a myriad of individual purchases.

By understanding the ‘preferences’ of an individual customer based on age, past purchases, location and time of year the company have been able to offer individuals more relevant marketing messages into their in-box.

Use of date-of-birth data has also been utilised to great effect, however, mining website analytics to identify customers who have abandoned baskets at the checkout has also proven to be a successful tactic to adopt.

Barratts have demonstrated the finical rewards that come from treating customers as individuals rather than stereotyping. This is an approach that more and more companies are beginning to turn to as their data collection becomes more sophisticated.