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Could a four-year-old
improve your marketing?

During our Knowledge Docs series, we’ll be looking at the marketing aspects of your business. So let’s start with three little letters, CTA.

What’s a 4-year-old got to do with sales?

So what is a CTA? Let’s start there. CTA stands for ‘Call to Action’.

A ‘Call To Action’ is marketing speak for asking people to do something. Usually, it’s something simple like ‘call now’ or ‘click here’ or ‘fill in the form below’.

They’re essential to the AIDA process (which we’ll in another post soon), but without a good CTA, your marketing communications will be less effective.

Now, the problem you’ll have with CTA’s is people see them all the time, hundreds a day. This has made most people immune to them – here’s where thinking like a four-year-old can help.

If you’re a parent I’m sure you’re aware of children and their love of the question ‘why?’.

Parent: “Go to bed”.
Four-year-old child: “Why?”
Parent: “Tidy your room”
Four-year-old child: “Why?”
Parent: “Stop picking your nose”
Four-year-old-child: “Why?”

And on and on it goes.

Children are naturally curious; they want to know ‘why’ they have to do something. As adults, we still carry that curiosity, only now it’s internalised.

How does this apply to our marketing?

Business: “click here”
Potential customer: “Why?”
Brochure: “Call us now”
Potential customer: “Why?”

I’m sure you can see where I am going with this already. An effective Call To Action ALWAYS answers the question “Why?”.

Let’s look at some examples

Goal Stacker: this Call To Action understands their audience AND shows off their product.



Akismet: If your website has a blog, you’ll instantly relate to this Call To Action.



Indie Aisle: Calling all ‘frustrated writers’.


Why do these CTA’s work?

For your Call To Action to work, you need to understand your audience and what they’re thinking when they’re reading your marketing communications.

If you understand the needs of your audience, you can make your offer the solution they’ve been searching for.

Websites are particularly effective as ‘actions’ are usually carried out there and then, but the same is still true for brochures, leaflets and adverts when done well.

Effective CTA’s come from understanding your audience and being able to deliver a dose of WIIFM (What’s In It For me) – but we’ll save that another time.