Are you paying the price using free social media?

It’s a well known saying that ‘there is no such thing as a free meal’. The recent surge in the utilisation of Social Media by marketeers is largely down to the fact it is free.

But free seems to be coming at a price.

Panasonic have recently launched their new digital camera, the Lumix G2. One of their channels to market has been to release an advert filmed using the very camera it is selling. In itself a brilliant testimony of the quality of this camera.

Panasonic Screen Grab

However by using a free service, in this case YouTube, to syndicate the advert it has already opened itself up to abuse.

This screen shot the kind of comments being made now the brand is out of the hands of the brand owner.

I too am now looking seriously at the Canon 5D thanks to Panasonic’s advertising.

I don’t suspect Panasonic will be losing too much sleep over this for now but it demonstrates how ‘free’ coupled with ‘unsupervised’ can sometimes cost your dearly.