In 6 simple steps, we tell you what you need to increase your sales. Here goes…

1. Focus on your brand

You’re probably already thinking “branding is for big companies like Apple or Google, isn’t it?”.

You couldn’t be more wrong.

Now replace the word ‘brand’ with ‘reputation’, and you’ll quickly realise why it’s so important to get right (especially with referrals still being one of your largest influencers on sales). Think of how many restaurants you’ve eaten at or films you have watched based on reputation and recommendation.

2. Understand your customer

What is your ‘customer journey’? Not sure what then find out here. You need to understand their ‘mindset’ –

What are they thinking and ‘researching’ and where are they doing it?

Once you realise that people aren’t interested in what you do, they’re only interested in what they’re trying to do; you’ll see your marketing communications in a very different light.

3. Work your website harder

The digital world is advancing at an eye-watering pace. As Ferris Bueller famously said:

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it.”

The website you built 2-3 years ago is probably out of date. Some even sooner.

A well-optimised website running software that tracks visitors can dramatically increase your sales lead generation fast.

4. Stay in touch with leads.

It’s shocking just how few companies take time nurturing their leads.

I’m unlikely to visit a website selling B2B products or services for fun.

So, even if I don’t ‘buy today’, it’s reasonable to assume that I’m ‘in the market to buy’ at some point soon.

With the huge advances in automated marketing, it’s never been easier to stay in touch with customers and build a sales pipeline. So do it.

5. Most sales are lost because of your staff.

You’ve identified a lead, you’ve done the research, the pitch went amazing, and the client loved you. Then your customer service team took over, and you lost the account. Sound familiar?

“86% of customers are more likely to purchase something following a good customer experience and 64% are unlikely to repurchase something if they are very dissatisfied with the customer service interaction.”

[Source: 2012 study by the Temkin Group]

Empower and engage your staff. They need to know that they’re responsible for your company’s brand (reputation) and are undeniably an essential part of the sales success. You need to believe in them and tell them so.

6. Care calls cost nothing and generate more business than anything else.

Many B2B purchases are made because the customer doesn’t have the time, skills or resources to do something themselves.

So keep letting them know you’re around and ready to help.

How will these 6 steps increase sales?

The two primary drivers behind sales these days are ‘word of mouth’ referrals and internet research before contacting a company. It’s essential that your existing customers have a great experience, so they stick with you and recommend you.

Statistically, only 1-4% of site visitors will contact you.

Where do the rest go? Well, if you optimise your site to let you identify visitors you can find out.

This will let you open a dialogue with and drop them into a considered and automated sales pipeline, which will dramatically increase your chances of generating new business enquiries.

As for how you convert those leads, we’ll save that for another post.