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Not convinced by Social Media’s R.O.I – How does £5.7 million in 4 weeks sound?

Still sat on the fence about social media’s potential? Or are you an enthusiastic marketing manager trying to convince your board about the benefits of content marketing? Listen up…

A start-up business raised £5.7 million through content marketing alone in only 4 weeks. Wow.

Now for full disclosure: the whole story actually takes a little longer than 4 weeks. So it’s not the overnight success it first seems, but it’s still testimony to the power of digital marketing and brand building done correctly.

The project in question was a new card game. To get it started the creators wanted to raise $10,000 funding using Kickstarter, you can read more about the project here.

A Social Network

Elan Lee and Shane Small, who devised the game, then approached Matthew Inman (known for his online cartoon The Oatmeal) to help with the illustration. Matthew’s cartoons are available for free and have built an incredibly loyal audience.

It’s a textbook example of how social media and content marketing can work.

On announcing this partnership, Matthew’s 3 million Facebook followers and over 400,000 twitter followers turned out in their 1000’s to support his new project (with money).

Social Realism

Now, raising millions in a week won’t happen for everyone (more’s the pity), but, there is an audience out there. To make these potential customers brand loyal, you need to be communicating with them regularly.

By sharing with these potential customers you will, over time, build a loyal audience who are interested in what you do and say.

So, if you’re still trying to convince your ‘purse string holders’ to buy-in to content marketing, point them towards Exploding Kitten Cards to see what is possible, even for something as crazy as this.