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Marketing agencies are no strangers to ‘odd requests’ from clients but nothing compared to this guy…

Jim’ll Paint It is a Tumblr site with a difference. Put a request into Jim and he’ll use his Microsoft Paint skills to illustrate it.

The requests are growing increasingly surreal ranging from…

“Please, will you paint me a picture of Jonah Lomu in his All Blacks kit punching Will.I.Am in the face from atop his magical, sparkly rhino, which he likes to ride about rural Kent. The punch sends Mr Am flying over a farmyard barn full of hay. The attack is witnessed by Terry Nutkins while he enjoys a Malteser sandwich dressed as the green Power Ranger without his helmet.”


Marketing agencies in Leeds get odd requests.

“Please paint me a picture of Ted Danson and a Ted Danson lookalike. They’re covered in bruises after getting into a fight over who the real Ted Danson is. They’ve made friends now though and are posing for a photograph at the chicken rave where they’ve been for a night out. Moira Stewart is standing behind them, looking on disapprovingly.”


marketing agencies in leeds get very odd requests


If you are wondering what other weird requests people make of Jim’ll Paint It, you can find his site here –  – please be warned, some of the humour is of an adult nature.