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We like to stay on top of our game.

In recent years, what can be achieved with marketing and branding has begun to move very rapidly, so this Branding design agency in Leeds take their CPD seriously.

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Benefits of ‘joined up marketing and branding’.

A question you are probably asking yourself right now is “should I use one agency for my branding, marketing and digital marketing or multiple specialist agencies?”. It is a very good question to ask so we hope this will help you make up your mind.

Most agencies still recognise the split between B2B and B2C marketing (although those margins are becoming increasingly burred), but in short, B2C (Business to Consumer) agencies are used to working with big budgets. The cost to make everyone in the country aware of a chocolate bar can run into £millions very quickly.

B2B (Business to Business) agencies however are used to working with smaller budgets and take more of a ‘sniper approach’ top their branding and marketing strategies.

If detailed reporting on projects is required (by which I mean day-to-day updates) then larger agencies will have the resources to do this, where as smaller agencies tend to spend more of their time working on your projects with ‘top level’ updates, usually weekly or monthly.

A single agency for the entire project massively reduces management, coordination and reporting time and ultimately cost.

If you don’t have a dedicated member of staff or marketing team in-house to manage multiple agencies then the ‘one-stop-shop’ approach will be less stressful and should deliver your project on-time and within budget.

An added advantage is that the people working on your Brand development have a clear vision for how it will be used for your marketing activities.

If however you have time to coordinate a branding agency, a digital agency and a marketing agency then you will have the advantage of focussed specialism on your side.

Finding agencies who will ‘play nice with one-another’ is a job in itself. It is advisable to sit all your agencies down in the same room and agree who is responsible for what. This will save many hours of duplicate work and give each agency a clear idea of where they sit in the project.

This isn’t necessary with a single agency but you should still take the time to sit down with the internal teams to make sure they are all clear about the ‘bigger picture’.

This is an example of the straight-talking information we are famous for here at The Factory. We hope we helped make your decision making a little easier.